AeroMoov Air Layer


This product is available upon request. Contact us for more information.

The AeroMoov Air Layer is a seat cover that stops your baby becoming hot and sweaty. The layer can be placed on top of a buggy, stroller or car seat. Designed with a unique 3D-technology, the special layer keeps your baby fresh and dry and ensures that excursions and travelling during hot weather are carefree, both for you and your child. 

With the unique 3D-technology, the Air Layer provides constant air circulation around back, legs and head. No wet back or sweaty hair anymore, you will not have to fuss around having to change clothes after a car journey. 

The Air Layer also comes with cut-aways for seatbelt, ensuring ultimate safety for your baby. 

Available in 4 sizes. 

Group 0 - 0 - 13 kg

Group 1 - 9 - 18 kg

Group 2|3 - 15 - 36 kg 

Group B 

Material: Organic cotton

Washing Instructions: Wash at 40°C. The Air Layer dries quickly and can be reused immediately. 

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