Fitted sheet Aerosleep


Thanks to the design of the unique mattress protector from Aerosleep your baby is guaranteed a safe and hygienic night’s sleep. Bestseller in Europe, now also available in Singapore at Deer Industries.

Mattresses and mattress protectors that are designed to allow air circulation are ineffective if covered by a heavy sheet. Aerosleep has developed a fitted sheet in a soft, light, breathable material which optimises air circulation.

The open texture of the fabric ensures that air can move freely through the 3D structure of the mattress protector. The combination of the Aerosleep cover with Aerosleep fitted Sheet offers your child the ideal mix of safety and comfort and it is also extremely convenient and easy to use.

Available in 4 sizes - Bassinet (40 x 80), Cot (60 x 120), Cot Bed (70 x 140) and Single size (90 x 200)

Washing Instructions: Wash at 60°C

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