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The BabyDobber® is the first truly safe solution for every parent or carer looking for care-free water fun with his or her child. The BabyDobber® is suitable for use with children who can sit up straight (usually around 6 months of age, but may vary per child) weighing less than 11 kg. This innovative floating baby chair is taking the world by storm! 

The BabyDobber® has many advantages compared to traditional floatation devices such as inflatable swim seats, swim rings and arm floats. BabyDobber® is unique as it features the following benefits:

  • The BabyDobber® allows a child to sit up straight without having to be held by an adult. The adult or carer has his or her hands free to play with the baby; the BabyDobber® does not require any support.
  • The BabyDobber® is smooth and ergonomically shaped, the child is seated firmly upright, with optimal support for its back and head. 
  • Its innovative design allows babies more freedom of movement and the chance to play with the water. 
  • The BabyDobber® is extremely stable and cannot be punctured and cannot sink.*
  • * The BabyDobber® was awarded official certification by the Independent Inspection Institute TÜV Rheinland after extensive safety and durability testing. 
  • The BabyDobber®’s design follows EN 13138-3 standards.
  • The BabyDobber® is hygienic and practical. Made of polypropylene, it is easy to clean, resilient against cleaning fluids, (baby) oils and chemical agents such as bleach.
  • The BabyDobber® is very long-lasting.
Weight and size

The BabyDobber® weighs approximately 1.8 kg. When it is in use, the float will fill with water and, at that point, the BabyDobber® will weigh approximately 10 kg. The float can be emptied easily. The floatation ring has a diameter of 59 cm; the height of the BabyDobber® is 48.4 cm.

A unique design
The BabyDobber® is an all-Dutch product, designed by Jorn Behage and manufactured in the Netherlands. John Behage spent five years working on the design, from his initial musings to the actual launch and sales. But in those five years, the BabyDobber® was perfected, right down to very last detail.


Never leave your child unattended in the water. Use BabyDobber® only under constant supervision and in direct reach of the swim seat. 


  • by user beyond or below designated weight range/age;
  • within child’s standing depth;
  • in breaking waves;
  • in bathtubs.


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